Friday 22 March 2024

Linear A or B in Greece

If you want to discover something in the present or in the future, you have to return this thing to the past. The ancient languages are the key to knowledge and energy for anything like the pharaonic hieroglyphic language and pharaonic language which was divided into three languages.
Pronunciation with a wrong letter replies to a wrong interpretation, so you have to learn the language with its riddles and codes.

The ancient Syrian language, which is the basis of the other worlds, speaks and communicates with the fallen kings, who created the Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations in the inter-river country (currently Iraq) and the Syrian language is derived from the ancient original Aramaic language

The language of demons and jinn was spoken in the Old Testament in Syrian, derived from Aramaic

Some celestial religions were written in ancient Syrian language

The Maya language is a language of communication in ancient Latin American civilization and was derived from the language of aliens

Ancient languages are a treasure of everything, a path to technology, magic, energy and power

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